Tuition for piano lessons is $88 per month for four ½ hour lessons. Payment for lessons are due during the first week of the month. Lessons are usually taken once a week. One hour and 45 minute lessons are also available. If you cannot attend the regularly scheduled lesson, a makeup lesson can be arranged during that week by contacting me 24 hours before the schedules lesson.

Daily practice time is required for progress in a student’s playing. Depending on age and other factors, 20 minutes to one hour a day, five days a week is required for the  beginning and intermediate students. As a student progresses into advanced levels more practice time is required.

Make up Policy: If you can’t make a regularly scheduled lesson, a make up lesson can be arranged by contacting me 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time. Lessons missed due to illness, emergency or severe weather can be made up with less than 24 hour notice. I do not close on snow days unless there are extreme weather conditions.